Friday, April 1 / 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM   •   Wilson B

Session 84:
Neighborhood Effects and Neighborhood Change

Chair: Patrick Sharkey, New York University
Discussant: Ann Owens, Harvard University

  1. The Multiple Contexts of Socialization: Neighborhood and School Effects on Urban Adolescent ViolenceChristopher Browning, Ohio State University ; Lori A. Burrington, Pennsylvania State University

  2. Neighborhood Disorder and Individual Economic Self-Sufficiency: New Evidence from a Quasi-Experimental StudyRebecca Casciano, Princeton University ; Douglas S. Massey, Princeton University

  3. Neighborhood Variation in Girls’ and Boys’ Time UseLiana C. Sayer, Ohio State University ; Rachel E. Dwyer, Ohio State University

  4. Duration and Timing of Exposure to Neighborhood Poverty and the Risk of Adolescent ParenthoodGeoffrey T. Wodtke, University of Michigan

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