Friday, April 1 / 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM   •   Hoover

Session 82:
Scarring and Selection Effects of Health Shocks in Childhood

Chair: Angus Deaton, Princeton University
Discussant: Emilia Simeonova, Tufts University
Discussant: Angus Deaton, Princeton University

  1. Malaria Survivors during Early Life, Health at Old Age, and Stroke Mortality in Costa RicaGilbert Brenes-Camacho, Universidad de Costa Rica ; Alberto Palloni, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  2. Famine Exposure and Adult Height: Disentangling Stunting from Survival SelectionCheng Huang, Emory University

  3. Children’s Obesity Trajectories in the U.S. and England: Disparities by Family Immigrant StatusMelissa L. Martinson, Princeton University ; Sara McLanahan, Princeton University

  4. How Conditions in Early Life Affect Mortality by Age and Gender: Southern Sweden, 1830-1968Luciana Quaranta, Lund University

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