Thursday, March 31 / 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM   •   Delaware Suite B

Session 7:
Immigrant Destinations: Issues and Impacts

Chair: Ebony Duncan, Vanderbilt University
Discussant: Anastasia Gorodzeisky, Juan March Institute

  1. School Stratification in New and Established Latino DestinationsMolly Dondero, University of Texas at Austin ; Chandra Muller, University of Texas at Austin

  2. Residential Integration in the New Frontier: Immigrant Segregation in Established, New, and Nongateway DestinationsMatthew Hall, University of Illinois at Chicago

  3. New Asian Destinations: A Comparative Study of Traditional Gateways and Emerging Immigrant DestinationsKenneth Kuk, National Opinion Research Center (NORC) ; Daniel T. Lichter, Cornell University

  4. Economic Recession, Anti-Immigrant Climate, and Hispanic Immigrant Mobility in New and Established DestinationsEmilio A. Parrado, University of Pennsylvania ; William A. Kandel, Congressional Research Service

Other sessions on Migration, Neighborhoods, and Urbanization