Thursday, March 31 / 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM   •   McKinley

Session 32:
Income, Neighborhoods, and Health

Chair: Jed Friedman, World Bank Group
Discussant: Nancy Luke, Brown University
Discussant: Amar A. Hamoudi, Duke University

  1. Mortgage Delinquency, Health Status, and Unmet Needs: Evidence from the Health and Retirement StudyDawn Alley, University of Maryland ; Jennifer Lloyd, University of Maryland ; Jose Pagan, University of North Texas ; Craig Pollack, Johns Hopkins University ; Michelle Shardell, University of Maryland ; Carolyn Cannuscio, University of Pennsylvania

  2. Positive Income Shocks and Accidental Deaths among Cherokee Indians: A Natural ExperimentTim-Allen Bruckner, University of California, Irvine ; Ryan Brown ; Claire Margerison Zilko, University of California, Berkeley

  3. Neighborhood Disorder and Individual Health: New Evidence from a Quasi-Experimental StudyRebecca Casciano, Princeton University

  4. The “Difference between Heaven and Earth”: Rural-Urban Disparities in Health and Well-Being in ChinaDonald J. Treiman, University of California, Los Angeles

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