Saturday, April 2 / 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM   •   Tyler

Session 180:
Residential Mobility, Neighborhoods, and Crime

Chair: Patrick Sharkey, New York University

  1. Low-Income Housing Development and CrimeMatthew Freedman, Cornell University ; Emily Owens, Cornell University

  2. Concentration Effects: A Natural Experiment of Neighborhood ChangeDavid S. Kirk, University of Texas at Austin

  3. Incarceration and Neighborhood Concentrated Disadvantage: Evidence from the NLSY79Michael Massoglia, Pennsylvania State University ; Glenn Firebaugh, Pennsylvania State University ; Cody Warner, Pennsylvania State University

  4. Immigrant Concentration and Homicide Mortality: A Neighborhood-Level Spatial AnalysisMatt Ruther, University of Pennsylvania

Other sessions on Migration, Neighborhoods, and Urbanization