Saturday, April 2 / 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM   •   Thurgood Marshall North

Session 163:
Military Service, the Life Course, and Aging: A Panel Discussion

Chair: Andrew S. London, Syracuse University

  1. Life Course Scholarship on Military ServiceJanet M. Wilmoth, Syracuse University

  2. Military Service and Family Relationships: A Life Course PerspectiveDaniel Burland, University of Massachusetts at Amherst ; Jennifer H. Lundquist, University of Massachusetts

  3. Generations at War and Peace: Taking Cohorts Seriously in the Study of Military Service and Socioeconomic AttainmentMeredith A. Kleykamp, University of Maryland

  4. Military Service and HealthAlair MacLean, Washington State University Vancouver

  5. American Military Service and the Life Course: What We Know, What We Don’t, and How to Fill the GapsDavid R. Segal, University of Maryland

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